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Cloud computing is having your accounting software entirely based online via the internet. There is no hardware or software required, other than browsing the internet. There are so many reasons why it is better than hosting your accounting software on a desktop PC or local server.

1) Less Expensive and Only Pay For What You Use

Even given its greater benefits, surprisingly, the cost of cloud based bookkeeping software is cheaper than locally operating software.

2) Integration of Your Cloud Accounting Software with Other Internet Based Services

Your small business can integrate with other internet based services, such as online bill payments, resulting in much less paper work. You can glance at important real time information such as your bank accounts, accounts payable and accounts receivables.

Cloud-Bookkeepin-Accounting-Platform3) Use your Accounting Software From any Computer or Location

On vacation, want to work from home, or have another office? No problem, you can work from any computer or location. You and your staff have quick and easy access to your bookkeeping files from anywhere. From anywhere you have real-time data and reporting.

4) Greater Security of your Important Financial Information

As long as you ensure you keep your password protected, with today's online security, files in the cloud are much more secure than files on your local desktop or server. Many accounting cloud host sites offer fingerprint or retina scans, state of the art anti-virus and malware protection, strongly encrypted file protection and more.

5) Always have a Backup of your Accounting Software Files

One of the greater benefits of cloud based bookkeeping software is that your files are always backed up in real time. I do not know a business owner that has not had a file corruption or computer hardware problem or theft that has caused a disaster at least once in their lives; you avoid this risk with a cloud based accounting platform.

6) Continually have the latest Bookkeeping Software and Payroll Files

Given the nature of accounting software, there are constant ongoing updates required. In the cloud your bookkeeping software is always up to date in real time. You do not need to worry about updating or any corruption issues, the online host ensures your program is running smoothly.

7) Easy to Share Files Among Anyone doing Bookkeeping Tasks

Every small business owner knows the perils of trying to share access to your bookkeeping software among multiple users in various locations. With a cloud based accounting software platform you and your staff can access files from anywhere in and out of the office. You can even access your accounting files with a tablet or mobile phone!

With the cloud you have your real-time information available to all users. You can share your access among staff, an outside bookkeeper and accountant; anyone you like. Also, you can easily have multiple users logged in at the same time.

Cloud-Bookkeepin-Accounting-Platform8) Easy to Use

Cloud based accounting software does not have the limitations of historical software programs and limitations of the desktop PC based operating platform. Using the latest in internet based technology cloud bookkeeping computing has been developed with your ease of use in mind. Also, you have online support 24/7 at your finger tips.

9) System Resources Can Scale Up Given Your Business Size

Cloud based accounting software has been been built from the ground up for the web using the newest technology. Your business never needs to worry about your hardware or software resources. Your accounting software in the cloud will always have the scale-able resources to accommodate any necessary computing requirements you require. There are no limitations on computing resources, number of users and locations.

For more information about Bookkeeping and Accounting accounting cloud software for your business, contact Actegra Contact Us.

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