Actegra hosting service facilitates complete access to your QuickBooks file(s) just as you would access on your local desktop, from anywhere in an "always on" mode. The QuickBooks accounting software application runs on our high speed remote Terminal Servers in a secure data center and not on your local network. Actegra QuickBooks Remote Access is extremely fast allowing users access from anywhere at anytime via the Internet. We are simply the best and most cost-effective option for your QuickBooks  hosting requirements.

QuickBooks Hosting on Terminal Servers:

QuickBooks Terminal Server hosting  transforms a standalone platform into a truly collaborative experience in the most innovative way possible, making it immensely useful for both business owners, as well as their accountant or bookkeeper. Most importantly, all Actegra QuickBooks Hosting comes with the reliability assurance of the most trusted hosting service provider which always includes 24x7 support.

The time and speed factor:

With fast performance and higher uptime for than what a local network provides, we assure you of saving your precious time accessing your accounting data. Additionally, QuickBooks Remote Access saves on your transportation costs as you and your client can concurrently work on the same file, update records, as well as print and backup those files locally, all in real time via the Internet.

Always on connectivity:

With QuickBooks hosting  on Terminal Servers, you have access to your QuickBooks file online at anytime and from anywhere.

Multi-user facility:

With QuickBooks Hosting  you don’t have to install the multiple licensed software on your local PC's as this is installed and runs on Actegra Terminal servers. Multiple users can access the same files simultaneously which saves you the trouble of installing multiple copies of the software on different PC's. Also, hosting of QuickBooks on Terminal Servers, you have the option of restricting each user to their respective file(s).

Reduce your IT Infrastructure costs:

QuickBooks hosting  leads to less expense on your IT infrastructure, as the QuickBooks software is installed on Actegra Terminal Servers and not on your PC's or local servers. Thus no need of installing new hardware or software and investment in technical expertise. It saves you of the cost of system upgrades.

Run any QuickBooks version with QuickBooks hosting service:

Actegra allow you to operate multiple licensed versions of QuickBooks. This proves greatly convenient for you as instead of installing different QuickBooks software on your desktops, all of them can be run by the hosted service provider.

Data Security:

With QuickBooks Hosting on a terminal server, you do not have to worry about the security of your data as Hosting Service Provider allows multiple backup of your files in the most secure data centers.

QuickBooks add-ons:

QuickBooks Hosting service supports  most QuickBooks Add-ons, which helps you to integrate various industry specific  business requirements in the most cost effective way.

QuickBooks Hosting: Actegra reliability:

Actegra QuickBooks Hosting Solution is the name you can trust, as it provides you the maximum level of security and reliability as far as your data is concerned. Actregra QuickBooks Terminal Server provides one of the most secure password protected data transfer protocol which makes the file safest to access online. At the same time our highly protected data centers allow the highest level of protection for your backup data. QuickBooks hosting  with Actegra is the choice you should make if you want to be completely assured of safety of your data.

To order QuickBooks Hosting service contact us or sign up as a Silver or Gold Member to receive managed services along with the software.

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