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Bookkeeping and Accounting for CharitiesActegra has an depth of experience providing bookkeeping, accounting and business advice to charities, charitable associations and non-for-profit organizations. Actegra has expertise in serving Health Care Servers, Religious Organizations, Retirement, Nursing and Care Homes, Non-Profit Clubs, Charity Foundations and Community Service Associations.

Our goal is to provide cost effective support to help your Not-For-Profit organization focus on your core goal of supporting those in need. We offer assistance with your strategic financial, software & hardware and financial reporting. We support all your Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Reporting needs.

Professional Service for Organizations just Starting, Reorganizing or Closing Things Down. We support every stage of the Not-For-Profit Financial Life-cycle.

As our Not-For-Profit client, Actegra will assist you in identifying new revenues and greater cost savings. We will set up your daily, monthly and year reporting to give you the financial control your organization needs.

Actegra works tirelessly as a partner in the smooth running of your Not For Profit organization. While responsive to every inquiry you might have; we are also proactive in management of your Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial requirements. We are always looking for ways your organization can run better and decrease risks.

Actegra Not-For-Profit Service

Not-For-Profit Accounting & Bookkeeping, Financial Services Expertise Setting Up A New Organization or Making Changes to an Existing Not-For-Profit Organization. We offer advice on the proper setup of your organization for Government Charitable status. Also can ensure an existing organization is complying with the necessary best practices and guidelines.

Proactive Management. Actegra prides itself on actively managing the financial affairs of your organization. We do not passively wait to respond to issues or crises, we keep an engaged with your charitable foundation and keep you abreast of any possible upcoming issues you need to be aware of.

Charitable Fundraising Fundamentals. We can assist your Not-For-Profit with charitable fundraising efforts. We can help increase fundraising dollars by making sure that your donors gain the greatest tax benefit, while your organization complies with the necessary requirements. Actegra gives you guidance on donor gifting to ensure maximize tax advantages to your donors and your charitable foundation.

Donations Going and Coming From Outside Canada. We have expertise about government regulations with foreign fundraising and disbursements to support outside causes. Your foundation can focus on what you do best, while we guide your financial compliance matters.

Foundation Accountability. . There are various financial report methods, we can assist your Charitable Not-For-Profit association in selecting the best possible reporting method for your organization.

Goods And Services Tax. Your Not-for-Profit will be allowed some HST deductions for Goods and Services and Revenues. Actegra can guide you in developing your bookkeeping and accounting reporting to maximize these tax rebates.

Governance For Your Board. Your Charitable Organization and Not-For-Profit Board have a important duty to your Donors and Government. Your Board of Directors have to ensure the security of you organizations funds. Actegra will look over your organizations structure for risk and assist in implementing the necessary safeguards.

Financial Reporting and Auditing. For greater success with donors and funding sources, your Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization would require an annual Financial Review or Audit. Actegra has expertise in dealing with Audit committees and can also support your financial presentation at your Annual General Meeting.

Read about Actegra's work with a Not-For-Profit organization, Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. Read More.

For more information about our Bookkeeping and Accounting service for Not-For-profit organizations, contact Actegra Contact Us.

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